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What We Will Do For You - The Integrated Health & Safety  System

The Integrated Health & Safety System provides business owners with a system to meet their legislative compliance requirements as well as their duty of care and duty to accommodate obligations to their employees. 


The Integrated Health & Safety System uses a 7 Step Formula to assist you to easily and effectively document, communicate and confirm that your employees understand your company's required policies and procedures.

  • All Alberta business owners are required to be compliant with Alberta Occupational Health and Safety legislation (Bill 30).

  • Employers with 20 or more employees are required under the legislation to have a Health & Safety Program. Under the legislation a Health & Safety Program must include 10 different elements as defined in the legislation

The Best Practices Foundation™
  • Employers with fewer than 20 employees are not required to have a Health & Safety Program but are required to have documentation in place that meets the requirements established by the legislation. The legislative requirements include assessment and control of workplace hazards and an emergency response plan. For the purposes of these requirements, employers are required to involve employees in order to meet the requirements of the legislation.

  • Additionally, under the legislation, there is a requirement for all Alberta businesses to have Violence & Harassment Prevention Plans. The legislation requires that Violence and Harassment Prevention Plans must be in writing and readily available for reference by employees. Further, the legislation requires that the Violence and Harassment Prevention Plans are required to include specific prevention policies and specific prevention procedures.

  • The Best Practices Foundation™ will provide you with a Health & Safety Program as well as Violence & Harassment Prevention Plans including required policies and procedures that meets the complex legislative requirements you must adhere to as an employer. 

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The Branded Employee Resource Centre

Under Occupational Health & Safety Legislation, if an employee has suffered violence or harassment at their workplace, the employer has a requirement to refer the employee to confidential professional counselling services (the employee has the right to choose if they want counselling and where they would obtain counselling).

United helps Alberta businesses to establish a Branded Employee Resource Centre™ so that the employer is compliant with their requirement under the Legislation to refer employees to counselling services in the event they have suffered violence or harassment at the employers workplace.


The Branded Employee Resource Centre™ we will establish for you also provides your employees with confidential Professional Counselling and Resources should they be facing various personal issues or challenges. Areas of Professional Counselling available to your employees include:

  • Personal and Work Related Stress

  • Depression

  • Marital Challenges

  • Divorce/Custody Challenges

  • Parenting Challenges

  • Financial Difficulties

  • Substance Abuse (Alcohol/Drugs)

  • Gambling Addiction 

  • Anger Management 

  • Grief and Bereavement

  • Legal Issues

The Branded Employee Resource Centre™ we establish for you can be reached 24 hours per day, 365 days a year. Through Privacy Legislation no one is able to obtain any information about who has participated in the program or what the program has been utilized for.


When we establish The Branded Employee Resource Centre for a company we custom brand the program and materials specifically to the company. For example, if we established The Branded Employee Resource Centre for "Western Services" then it would be "Western Services Employee Resource Centre" . 

Courts have increasingly found that employers have a duty of care and a duty to accommodate their employees to support and assist them should personal issues and challenges be impacting their work performance. In other words, terminating an employee who is facing personal issues and challenges without providing resources to assist the employee could result in litigation risk to the employer.

For only $12.00 per month, per employee, employers can make sure that they are compliant with their requirement under the legislation to refer employees to confidential counselling services should they suffer violence or harassment in the workplace.


Further, through providing adequate resources to their employees, employers are able to evidence that they are making a concerted effort to provide a duty of care  and a duty to accommodate their employees which will assist them to mitigate disgruntled employee litigation risk.

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The Employee Wellness Tools™

Included as part of The Branded Employee Resource Centre™ are online wellness educational webinars to support the health and wellness of employees. Educational webinars include topics such as:

  • Time management strategies 

  • Communication strategies with 

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  • Family members

  • Stress management strategies

  • Financial management strategies

  • Healthy lifestyle strategies

  • Personal growth strategies

    As an option, employers can provide each of their employees with an annual budget, such as $1,000, that the employee could use towards providing for their personal wellness. At the discretion of the employer, employees could use such a budget for: 

  • Fitness memberships

  • Exercise and sports equipment

  • Yoga classes

  • Continuing education courses

  • Cooking classes

  • Mindfulness workshops

The Terms of Employment Document™

We assist business owners to establish written employment agreements that are executed by each of their employees. Employment agreements document  the terms under which your employees are employed and the terms applicable upon the end of their employment. Examples of employment terms that employees agree to include:

  1. Employees agree that following the end of their employment they will not compete against you with your customers. 

  2. Employees agree that following the end of their employment they will not hire away other employees of your company.

  3. Employees agree to the amount of severance they will receive if their employment is discontinued.

  4. Employees agree to various other terms such as your company policies relating to internet use, social media postings, the company's right to discontinue or change benefits, etc.

Note: Employment agreement templates provided by United Consulting to you are in no way intended  to be the rendering of legal advice. Such employment agreement templates are solely for the purpose of assisting you to enter into discussions with your independent legal counsel who should be the only party to draft any employment agreements that you would use with your employees 

  • The Integrated Health & Safety System we assist you to implement with your employees is reviewed annually in order to make any modifications due to legislative changes. An annual review of your company's Health & Safety Program and Violence and Harassment Prevention Plans is done with your employees to update their understanding and acknowledgement of the standards and expectations of your business.

  • We manage the communication and acknowledgement of you company's Health & Safety Program and Violence and Harassment Prevention Plans with new employees on-boarding and we off-board departing employees from your Branded Employee Resource Center™.

United's Team is Here to Support You.

Business owners are facing increased legislative compliance requirements and increased litigation risk. Specifically, Courts have now made numerous rulings in favor of employees where employers have not provided a duty of care or have not provided a duty to accommodate.

It is critical that business owners get these things right which is where we come in. As specialists in this field we have created exceptional systems that are custom branded to your company. Simply put, we take care of all the details from documentation to communication and confirmation with your employees.




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