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We will organize all of your life and health insurance documents and records into your own customized Peace of Mind Directory™

Making sure your life and health insurance coverage is up to date and organized is often something that gets overlooked by many business owners due to all of the demands placed on them.

Chances are you already have life and health insurance coverage and may have a number of different policies. If you are like most business owners you are busy running your business and are hoping that everything is in order, but is it? Don’t take chances on something that could have profound effects for you and your family.

Put us to work for you. We have created an exceptional system to update and coordinate all of your life and health insurance coverages and records into a directory for you. We will also provide you with a detailed one page summary of all your coverages for easy reference.


The Peace of Mind Directory™


Additionally, we will complete a beneficiary audit for you. We routinely find policies with ex-wives and former business partners still listed as beneficiaries. In the absence of updates being done, the beneficiary listed on the insurance company’s records at passing will receive the life insurance payout. If updates are required we will help you make them.


Our clients have consistently given us feedback that after receiving their Safety Net Directories™ with their Safety Net Life & Health Insurance Summary™ that they now understand exactly what they have for life and health insurance coverage. They tell us that they feel organized and confident in knowing that they now have the right coverage to protect themselves and their family.


If you would like me to help you organize and update your life and health insurance coverage, or if you have any questions, just click here to online-book a brief introductory meeting or text or call me directly on my cell at (403) 540-4644. I would welcome the opportunity to help you.

George Goulet

President – United Advisors

Exceptional Keyperson Benefits For Business Owners

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